You’re a great interviewer. I’d talk to you anytime.
— Debbie Macomber

At AudioFile Magazine, I chat with authors and narrators about everything imaginable.  And I listen to and review as many audiobooks as my ears can absorb.  Here are PDFs of some recent pieces, plus a few older ones still worth your time.  And links to reviews (by me and other reviewers) of the books mentioned.


Kate Atkinson

Readers rejoice - the author of LIFE AFTER LIFE and TRANSCRIPTION has finally written a new Jackson Brodie meta-detective novel. (AudioFile, August/September 2019)


Anthony Horowitz

The author of THE WORD IS MURDER, MAGPIE MURDERS, and the Alex Rider YA spy series often can’t type fast enough to keep up with what his characters are saying. (AudioFile, October/November 2018)


Katie Kellgren

The beloved voice of HER ROYAL SPYNESS and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES among hundreds of others, left the world too early.  A remembrance.  (AudioFile, April/May 2018)


Alyssa Bresnahan

Enter a coat closet.  Do not find Narnia.  Do find a recording career.  (AudioFile, December 2017/January 2018))


Alison Larkin

So where does Dr. Who park his magical flying telephone booth, the Tardis?  In actress Alison Larkin's back yard.  (AudioFile, August/September 2017)

Kathleen Turner

Making the best of things isn't always easy, but it's sure worthwhile, particularly when you narrate your own audiobook.  (AudioFile, June/July 2017)

Nicholas Boulton

The actor with the velvet voice explains what to do when the first sex scene appears before coffee.  (AudioFile, April/May 2017)

Ari Fliakos

What's really cool about being an audiobook narrator? You get to read lots of books, including The Nix.  (AudioFile, December 2016/January 2017)


Catherine Banner

In her mesmerizing novel House at the Edge of Night, a tiny place encounters history with a capital H.  (AudioFile, October/November 2016) 

Monica Wood

As we discover in her acclaimed, The One-in-a-Million Boy, the story of your life may start at a place you haven't even gotten to yet. (AudioFile, June/July 2016) 

Simon Winchester

Surfboards, great civilizations, and islands sinking below the seas.  Winchester's latest best-seller, Pacific, has it all.  And he narrates it himself.  (AudioFile, February/March 2016)

Amy Stewart

The real-life heroine of her newest best-selling book, Girl Waits with Gun, evidently resembles Stewart's great grandmother.  Minus the gun, one hopes.  (AudioFile, December 2015/January 2016)

Gordon Griffin

One actor.  700 audiobooks - and counting.  Whew!  (AudioFile, October/November 2015)


Helen Macdonald

In her amazing memoir, H is for Hawk, Helen MacDonald says that a parrot may be as much fun as a feathery monkey, but a goshawk will hunt your dinner.  (AudioFile, August/September 2015)

Scott Simon

In his newest book, Unforgettable, the host of NPR's Saturday Morning Edition found reading his own work was really different than being on the radio.  (AudioFile, June/July 2015) 

Jayne Entwistle 

The narrator of the popular 'Flavia de Luce' series once played the mother of a serial killer.  She says it was useful.  (AudioFile, Apr/May 2015)

Marilyn Johnson 

How writing about archeologists in 'Lives in Ruins' sent her down a mountain chased by killer bees.  AudioFile (Feb/Mar 2015)

Diana Gabaldon

The author of the best-selling Outlander series - the newest is 'Written in My Heart's True Blood' - owes it all to an old Dr. Who episode.  (AudioFile, Oct/Nov 2014)

Kate Mulgrew

When narrating the final 'Tales of the City' - The Days of Anna Madrigal, the star of Orange is the New Black, aka Star Trek's Captain Janeway, says it all comes down to being the oldest of eight children.  (AudioFile, Oct/Nov 2014)

Michael Cunningham

When the acclaimed author of 'The Hours' and 'The Snow Queen' is done writing a book, he is so done with it - even his newest 'A Wild Swan.' (AudioFile, Aug/Sept 2014)

Laura Kinsale

When her best-selling romance novels, including My Sweet Folly,  weren't made into audiobooks, she did it herself - and won awards and a whole new fanbase.  (AudioFile, Feb/Mar 2014)

Elinor Lipman

Lipman's funny novels have been lauded as Jane Austen updated.  Her first book of essays, 'I Can't Complain,' is about death and life, and it's just as witty as her novels.  (AudioFile, Aug/Sept 2013)

Mary Roach

With titles such as 'Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers' and 'Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal', what's not to love about science writer Mary Roach?  (AudioFile, June/July 2013)

Kerry Greenwood

Evidently the author of the popular Phryne Fisher Australian mystery series just takes dictation while her characters do all the talking.  (AudioFile, Oct/Nov 2012)

Richard Ford

The Pulitzer and Faulkner Award-winning author of the Frank Bascome novels, including The Sportswriter, says that spending part of his childhood in a hotel was perfect training for his future career.  (AudioFile, Aug/Sept 2012)

Gerard Doyle

The Irish narrator who won an Earphones Award for his first audiobook, 'A Star Called Henry' by Roddy Doyle, also does dragon voices very well. (AudioFile, June/July 2010)

Michael Kramer & Kate Reading

Marguerite Gavin & Lloyd James

When narrators are married to each other, life is perfect.  Except when they need to use the recording studio at the same time or when they're each reading books about psychotic killers.  (AudioFile, Feb/Mar 2010)

John Lee

The award-winning English narrator reads everything from Dumas' 'The Three Musketeers' to Adiga's 'The White Tiger'.  Even when not reading work of such quality, he says that the key is to, 'Say it with conviction and it will sound as if it means something.'   (AudioFile, June/July 2009)

Simon Vance

For the popular English narrator of Larsson's 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' among many others, it all began at age 11 when he was given a tape recorder and a mike.  (AudioFile, June/July 2009)